I’ve never done yoga before, can I play Yogi Power?
Of course you can! Playing Yogi Power is a great way to introduce yoga and mindfulness to the whole family in a fun way. Each card has easy to follow, child-friendly instructions for the pose, and visual cues for where to feel the stretch. We have included a special “Handy Hints” booklet to support you on this journey with each games box.
What’s a suitable age for Yogi Power?
Whether you are 3 or 103 years old, Yogi Power will have a game that is inclusive for all ages and abilities.
Do I need anything extra to play Yogi Power?
You will get 50 jumbo flashcards, and a booklet of games with 7 different ways to play! All you need is your imagination and an open space (only 1 of the games requires playdough, pencil, paper and a dice).
How long will it take to play?
The cards and games have been designed in a way to make it convenient for you to use at any point during the day. Whether that’s a mindful moment in the morning or at bedtime, or hours of family fun on the weekend.
Is Yogi Power suitable for a classroom?
Absolutely! With 50 educational flashcards and diverse characters, you can give every child an opportunity to play and learn in a fun way. The growth mindset affirmations, and mindful movements on each colourful card, are an engaging visual resource to create the perfect “brain-break” during the school day.
Can I leave the children to play independently?
We have carefully marked each flashcard with a “support symbol” - to advise you whether the pose is safe for a child to attempt on their own or whether we recommend adult supervision. There are games that children can engage with independently, as well as plenty of fun for the whole family.
I am an experienced Yogi - is Yogi Power suitable for me?
Yes! You can delve deeper into the mind-body connection, by focusing on the affirmations for each pose and the additional guide text on each card that will prompt and challenge you further. The variety of games you can play with your family will also help to strengthen your practise. The child-friendly design will support you to share the gift of yoga with the younger members of your family.
Is Yogi Power eco-friendly?
We are committed to ethical and sustainable production as part of the Yogi Power philosophy. We have sourced FSC certified, recycled paper for our game, and are always reviewing our supply chain with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint and environmental impact. To maintain the durability and quality of the game, from those sticky little fingers, we have laminated the deck of flashcards.
Can I play on-the-go?
Yes, you can take us anywhere! The child-friendly, portable carry case makes it easy for your little ones to take the Yogi Power crew with you wherever you go, if it’s the park, the beach or Grandma’s house. We often keep our deck in the car, as our kids love to choose their own affirmations on the way to school.
Where can I buy the Yogi Power game?
We want to spread the Yogi Power love far and wide - so we are continuously working to make it available and accessible to you wherever you are in the world! We are a small family business in the UK, so to start with, you can buy our game from our website, Facebook & Instagram shop - and more online and independent retail channels will follow. If you are not from the UK please email us for shipping rates: hello@playyogipower.com If you would like to stock our game please email us: hello@playyogipower.com

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