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<h1>Hi we’re Neha and Divya,</h1>

Hi we’re Neha and Divya,

We are mothers; sisters; friends - and now founders! We love the craziness of our family life, yoga, coffee and wine (and a cheeky dessert!)

Since becoming mothers, we have been on a transformational personal journey, taking the leap of faith to escape the corporate rat race and follow our hearts to pursue our passions.

From the stress and overwhelm of being working mothers, we found our saving grace in a combination of mindful practises; like journaling in bed when we couldn’t sleep, meditating in the car before school pick up and hot yoga to sweat out the stress of the day (especially when homeschooling)!

Tuning into breathwork and principles of yoga helped us to reconnect, refocus and revive ourselves, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Yoga sparked a desire to challenge the narrative that life has to feel like a conveyor belt - and we wanted to share our insights with others.

The natural synergy of our own ventures - Divine Yoga & Little Zen Rebels - AND of course our children, has led us to bring you the magic of Yogi Power! 



We believe wholeheartedly in the transformative power of playing together. Just a few minutes of connecting with our children through attentive play is enough to spark imagination; develop communication skills and nurture self-esteem. 

Play helps us ALL to zone out of our external pressures, allowing us to enjoy the freedom and fun to just “be” ourselves. 


With heritage from India and Africa, family has always been the heartbeat of both our upbringings. We feel blessed to have had a strong bond to our grandparents, and strive to uphold the culture, wisdom and values of our ancestors - as well as being positive role models to the next generation. As crazy as some of our family gatherings can be, research shows that strong family connections are one of the key pillars of developing resilience in young children. 

So whether your family is big, separated, spread across the world, or a small home of beautiful chaos - let’s celebrate the blessing of family. 


We’ve realised now more than ever before, since becoming Mums, evolving into entrepreneurs and role models to our children - the importance of nourishing ourselves inside and out. 

We remind each other to find our own balance amidst societal pressures and competitive environments, to take care of our mind, body and energy - without the guilt attached! Through our own practises of meditation; yoga; journaling; affirmations; and breathwork; we aim to embody the philosophy:  “feel good -> do good -> Live better” and teach our children to do the same. 





A special heartfelt thank you goes to our:

Illustrator: Bianca Nita, who took our ideas and turned them into beautiful little characters who are our Yogi Power Crew. 

Graphic Designer: Don Balliah, who wowed us every time with his creative eye and transformed our vision.

Web Support: Thank you to Neha Gupta for your team and support with our website.

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